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[ /slowly slides into -- ]

[The last thing he could remember was falling, a violent descent. He expected to burn, his body searing in the planet's atmosphere, for even through his status as the Ultimate Lifeform, he was sure that the odds of survival were stacked against him.

He'd shut his eyes, waiting for pain and what could have easily been the end...

... but instead, he found himself landing far too gently on a smooth platform, something entirely nonsensical for the drop he'd made.

He slowly peered weary red eyes open, his once shining, nearly white (with a tinge of gold) fur now back to its blackened state. Upon getting to his knees and looking down on himself...

Apart from the wounds inflicted by the Biolizard and his journey's wear and tear, he was basically untouched. Most importantly so, he was alive and well, and everything seemed...


Wait, no.

Where even is he, anyway?

What is the meaning of this? [He harshly whispered to himself, obviously to nothing or no one in particular.

He wasn't out of the woods yet.

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[ Of course, Shadow knew that one way or another, he couldn't survive the impact to Earth. Either with the entire Space Colony smashing into it, or... But despite that, he grins. ]

Hmph; it's your logic that's flawed. Because in this place, I've met another of myself that is also from my future. One that survived the fall.

While it's true that I never fell from anywhere, it doesn't mean our fate is death.
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I don't know the details. Like I said, I never fell. All I know is that he managed to live.

[ And that he was allied with the blue hedgehog. Even if he didn't despise Sonic as much as he used to, it was still... a little bit of an injury to his pride that he had to work with him. ]
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[ Shadow turns his back on his doppelganger, walking to the nearby rings. ]

Through these rings are many areas for people to visit. I've been to a few of them, but hardly all.

It's your choice if you want to live now, or not.
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Hmph. Do what you want.

[ He doesn't waste any more time, instead leaping through a nearby ring. Being near his doubles made him a little uneasy... Specifically for the fact that knowing his future could be detrimental to himself. ]