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Where am I?

[ Silhouette looked about, uncertain of her surroundings. Was this the Chao Lobby...? She hadn't seen this place in a very long time... But there were several giant floating goal rings. Would they take her somewhere new?

For the time being, she decided it best to not move from her current position, not until she could ascertain her current whereabouts. She activated her communicator. ]

This is Silhouette. Red, Omega, are you there?
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[ Great. Just great.

Shadow had planned to get finished with filing paperwork. He and Sonic had just finished a case and the black hedgehog had gotten up early the next morning so that he could fill out the proper documents and file them away, but just as soon as he'd arrived at the precinct, he'd entered the building to find he wasn't at the office at all, instead what appeared to be a strange lobby of sorts, with many large, gold rings hovering within.

The black hedgehog had seen his share of strange sights, but not really anything like this before. Looking irritated, Shadow rubbed his brow and stepped forward, taking out his walkie-talkie. ]

This is Shadow to HQ. Shadow to HQ, do you copy, over?

[ No response. ]

... This is going to be a long day.

[ooc: another au. info in profile.]


Aug. 22nd, 2012 01:58 am
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This place...

[ Shadow stepped upon the grass, his quills blowing in the wind. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue, the sun shining... The black hedgehog often spent days in places like this, away from other people. The Earth truly was beautiful, even if he found he no longer cared for the people that inhabited it.

But his attention wasn't caught by the scenery... no, it was by the picnic table he saw and the banner strung high above it. The table was decorated with many tasty looking treats, and the banner was bright and happy-- the writing on it was so very familiar.

It said: "Happy Birthday, Sonic!"

That was a name he hadn't heard in such a long time. Shadow peered at the banner before looking back at the table... cupcakes, cake, drinks, chilidogs... So many foods that were very popular with his old friends.

But they were no longer around. They hadn't been around in over a hundred years... How was any of this possible? Was this some kind of trick, was someone trying to weaken his resolve, make him vulnerable? Toying with his heart like this... Shadow clenched his fists before suddenly knocking most of the food off the table. ]


[ It wasn't possible. They had all died and Shadow was the only one left. There was no way they could be here... as much as his heart wanted it to be true. It was some kind of trick. Still, he looked down at the fallen chilidog, its condiments spilled all over the grass. That was Sonic's favorite food... ]


[ ooc: more shadow, more problems. info in profile and journal. the world this shadow comes from is way in the future, but the world is not destroyed. just all his friends from the past are dead... such is the life of immortals. ]
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[For the residents of this special zone who have already been here a while, seeing another Sonic around shouldn't be all that surprising. But this Sonic disregarding the fact that the account has been collecting dust for months has just recently found himself in the place. And needless to say, he's lost.]

[Metaphorically and Literally.]

[After deciding he wasn't just gonna wait around in the central hub, he's now just running randomly through several of the warp rings, trying to find his way around the place, or rather, back to where he was before. Some places looked familiar, some didn't. It was all pretty weird.]

[Of course he's seen weirder situations in his life.]

[After a while he found himself back in the lobby. He took a quick survey of his surroundings and scratched his head.]

Sheesh, what is this place, some kinda crazy ring puzzle? Where am I, anyway?

[Help a hedgehog bro out?]
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[ It had been a little quiet, but Sonic knew that it wouldn't last. Especially not today. This day was pretty special for a few other people, but most importantly, for him.

Today was Sonic's Birthday, and he wasn't going to let anyone forget it.

It looked like the nexus hadn't quite forgotten either-- within the lobby, there were a few arrows pointing to a certain warp ring. Once anyone stepped inside, they'd be transported to Green Hill Zone...

And a party to top that! Food, music, decorations, a large banner saying "Happy Birthday"... It was everything Sonic had thought would be there.

Now for his friends to come and celebrate with him! ]

[ooc: This is more of a party post. Feel free to tag whoever you want. You don't have to just talk to Sonic! Just mingle and have fun. ]
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[The last thing he could remember was falling, a violent descent. He expected to burn, his body searing in the planet's atmosphere, for even through his status as the Ultimate Lifeform, he was sure that the odds of survival were stacked against him.

He'd shut his eyes, waiting for pain and what could have easily been the end...

... but instead, he found himself landing far too gently on a smooth platform, something entirely nonsensical for the drop he'd made.

He slowly peered weary red eyes open, his once shining, nearly white (with a tinge of gold) fur now back to its blackened state. Upon getting to his knees and looking down on himself...

Apart from the wounds inflicted by the Biolizard and his journey's wear and tear, he was basically untouched. Most importantly so, he was alive and well, and everything seemed...


Wait, no.

Where even is he, anyway?

What is the meaning of this? [He harshly whispered to himself, obviously to nothing or no one in particular.

He wasn't out of the woods yet.

[[ ooc :// AHHH HI ♥ Kind of... been lurking this little place and thought you guys could use some more activity, so here, have a just-post-SA2!game-canon!Shadow just plopping right in here. uwu!! ]]
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[ As soon as he saw the bright lights, Shadow shook his head. How did he get roped into this again? The last time it was true that he needed a break... Sonic had wanted him to try and live a little-- but this place was for children.

It hadn't been a bad experience, but most of him thought he could be elsewhere, doing something more productive. Maybe that wasn't what 'having fun' was about, though. Part of him mused at the sign that remained... "Cute Couples get in Free!" It was there before, too... Last summer, wasn't it?

... Was it always there? Shadow remembered Sonic had said something about Amy reacting to the sign. He smirked at the idea-- of course she would like something like this. He'd met her briefly, and in that time knew that she was obsessed with the blue hedgehog. But enough of that... Shadow stepped into the elevator entrance, waiting for Sonic. ]

I hope this wasn't to make up for your embarrassing loss at the race we had last time we were here.
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[ It was always disorienting to go from one area separate from time to another, though this one looked much less derelict. This one even had multiple Sonics which weren't dead, for one thing... It made Shadow feel a bit better about not having gathered all seven emeralds to revive him with yet.

Still, he knew that was still part of his mission. But that would have to wait for now. Leaping into a nearby ring, Shadow finds himself land in what looks like a town in Europe... The people look much more cartoony than the ones he'd met in Soleanna.


Walking through the area, he finds what appears to be a large fountain in front of a University. The black hedgehog folds his arms, staring up at the establishment. ]

There are a lot of students wasting their time out here... They probably don't care about learning anything here.
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[See Sonic? See Sonic juice. See Sonic juice all over the zone throughout each of the different areas, scouting out anything suspicious. What's he doing?

... Well, when he finally makes it back to the center of the room with some chili dogs in hand, he'll start by addressing anyone nearby.]

Yo! I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinkin' there's something fishy goin' on. I mean, I know I'm a past cool hedgehog, but this whole double business is mondo suspicious, if ya ask me.

Sooo, how about we have a headcount here? Any other Sonics hangin' around?

[A pause, as he glances around. He takes a bite out of one of the chili dog before he continues.]

And while we're at it, where are all you guys from, anyway? I've been all over Mobius, and some of you guys are total strangers to me. What's that about?
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"This isn't right at all!"

[Blaze comes darting out of a hallway which plants her squarely back in the main hub. She looks around. She's been in and out of the areas surrounding the hub for quite a while now, trying to find something - probably a way out, given how she looks like she's starting to lose her patience.]

"Gardon!" [She looks around again.] "Marine?" [She lets out a frustrated sigh. In a strange place with no visible exits anywhere, and oh yeah, she has no idea where her Sol Emeralds are - she'd even settle for Sonic and Tails at this point - not that she'd say it out loud.]

"The Sol Emeralds might be unprotected right now...why was I brought here?!"
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[Well here's something a little different. There's a Tails, but this one is quite different. Mainly because he's dressed in Eggman's clothes with a white-lab coat over it. Also because of the glowing yellow eyes.

The shadow doesn't seem amused. But at least it won't go berserk.....yet. Any Sonics that show up, watch out. This is not best buddy side-kick Tails.]

How typical.

(OOC: This is a crossover with Persona 4. While he is Tails' shadow, he doesn't really count as an OC. He is a Tails, but just his darker side. So it should be fine unless the mod deems that it isn't.

Feel free to ask me any questions.)
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[ This was just a minor setback. Nothing major. He just happened to be in what looked like the Chao Lobby... Except instead of entrances into each garden, there were just multiple goal rings.

No biggie.

It's not like the entire world was at stake or anything.

Zipping impatiently to each ring and back again, Sonic's expression was one of confusion and irritation. Sure, he did just blow up the Eclipse Cannon, but things weren't over yet! What if that Egghead had another plan up his sleeve? Just beating Shadow wouldn't be enough. ]

Come on, one of these has gotta be the way back... I didn't even pick up a Chao Key! If I don't get back soon, Eggman might be working on some other dumb plan! I gotta regroup with Tails and Amy!
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Okay, so I haven't had the chance to set everything up yet, but if you guys do want to start posting, you can. This has been a pretty busy week for me, so no worries. I'll try and get a big open mingle type post up when I can.

'til then, have at it! Also, pretend this Dash icon is something more relevant, shh.
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[Well, here's a fresh face. Sally Acorn is stuck in Knothole--in a sense. The snow had come down overnight, leaving a blanket of white over the entire village. Initially she had considered heading an effort to clear it out that morning, but when she had woken up and peered out the window, she saw several Freedom Fighters frolicking, snow-fighting, sculpting, and otherwise playing in the seasonal downfall.]

Hmn. [She makes a small, muted smile, cradling her chin in her hand as she sits at the window inside her hut. Feel free to come by and chat but don't you dare snowball her. I mean you, Sonic Hedgehog.]


Dec. 20th, 2011 10:14 pm
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[Hello, Special Zone. This is Knuckles the Echidna. Perhaps not one most are used to, but it is him nevertheless. And his panicking, as he seems unable to move no matter how much strength he manages to muster.

In completely unrelated news, there's a sprig of mistletoe over his head. Feel free to point and laugh make of it what you will, denizens.]
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['Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalala... You get the point.

It seems the lobby has been decorated with bright lites, tinsel, mistletoe, and... Badniks dressed like Santa's helpers? Okay, that's a little creepy. But at least there are pretty trees scattered across the lobby and through the halls. Folks wandering around might even find boxes of deocrations, nevermind the mistletoe hanging around.

There are snowboards located near the opening to Angel Island and a sign that reads: "Head to ice cap zone for all the thrills and chills this winter!" The music room will be playing festive music, and overall the place seems to have gotten a holiday makeover. This might even carry over to otherwise grim locations such as Robotropolis.

But really, those badniks are suspicious. What's up with the silly costumes, anyway?]

[ooc: Go wild! I figured this place needs some fun stuff to do while we work to breathe life back into it.]
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[ The challenge was daunting, there was no doubt about that. Search every corner of this tear in space and time in order to find the seven Chaos Emeralds and revive Sonic the Hedgehog. But knowing that his soul was still present, that was enough for the Ultimate Life form. He knew that they could complete this task.

However, once he'd found one of the emeralds and placed his hands on it, he noticed quite immediately that he wasn't where he'd once been. While this strange dimension was filled with places and times sprawled all over the place, this area didn't appear familiar to him...

At least, not since a very long time ago.

Shadow stood up, holding the green emerald on his hand and looked around. What was this place? Didn't matter... he had to get back in order to revive Sonic. ]
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Hey, guys! Posting this in the main comm because chances are more people will see it this way. Anyhow, I've had some requests to revive this place (nice to see a post after all these months, too).

I'm willing to do so. What I'm wondering is if there should be some kind of event to kickstart it, or if the setting needs work... just some kinda brainstorming, I guess! The holidays are around the corner, so we could do some kinda Christmasy thing if anyone would be interested.

Also, help advertising would be great. I do plan on hitting up RPS/anoncomm/plurk and maybe the [ profile] sonicstuff community. Might be looking for helper mods, for good measure. May do a post at [ profile] goalring about that later. For now, you can keep posting like normal. Gotta breathe some life back into this place somehow.
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[Look who's back. It's the Tails from that duck place. He makes a not so graceful landing and groans.] Ow..... [He sits up and notices his surroundings.] Where is this? This seems kinda familiar.

[He stand up and sighs, as he dusts himself off. Tails isn't exactly in the best of moods, but seems to be okay otherwise.]
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[ To return without something... There wasn't any souvenir of the past, there wasn't anything he had with him before. Shadow looked about the lobby, each blink slow and confused. How did he get here? When did he leave them behind?

Who had decided that he should leave them behind?

The black hedgehog frowned, looking at his hands. He was a hedgehog once more; no longer human as he was in that world. No longer finding himself traveling with strange creatures as his partners. It all felt like a dream now, and only now had he awakened from it.

Despite that, he wasn't sure what he should be feeling. There was an emptiness that was not there before, perhaps he was still reeling from the suddenness of it. Shadow smirked, shaking his head. Ridiculous. Letting something like that get to him... ]

I left that place after all, just as I had planned to. There's no reason for mourning; I wasn't meant to be there in the first place.

[ His words felt like empty condolences. He had had friends there... Though they had long since disappeared or forgotten him. Shadow hadn't forgotten the pain of being left behind. That was something he would never forget... ]

... I wonder if they're waiting for me.



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