kicks_silver: (Why is his base here?)
Shadow the Hedgehog (2006) ([personal profile] kicks_silver) wrote in [community profile] specialzone2012-04-27 03:03 am

-knock knock-

[ It was always disorienting to go from one area separate from time to another, though this one looked much less derelict. This one even had multiple Sonics which weren't dead, for one thing... It made Shadow feel a bit better about not having gathered all seven emeralds to revive him with yet.

Still, he knew that was still part of his mission. But that would have to wait for now. Leaping into a nearby ring, Shadow finds himself land in what looks like a town in Europe... The people look much more cartoony than the ones he'd met in Soleanna.


Walking through the area, he finds what appears to be a large fountain in front of a University. The black hedgehog folds his arms, staring up at the establishment. ]

There are a lot of students wasting their time out here... They probably don't care about learning anything here.

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