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Winter Mingle Post!

['Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalala... You get the point.

It seems the lobby has been decorated with bright lites, tinsel, mistletoe, and... Badniks dressed like Santa's helpers? Okay, that's a little creepy. But at least there are pretty trees scattered across the lobby and through the halls. Folks wandering around might even find boxes of deocrations, nevermind the mistletoe hanging around.

There are snowboards located near the opening to Angel Island and a sign that reads: "Head to ice cap zone for all the thrills and chills this winter!" The music room will be playing festive music, and overall the place seems to have gotten a holiday makeover. This might even carry over to otherwise grim locations such as Robotropolis.

But really, those badniks are suspicious. What's up with the silly costumes, anyway?]

[ooc: Go wild! I figured this place needs some fun stuff to do while we work to breathe life back into it.]

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[Vector doesn't seem very pleased as he emerges from the Angel Island warp ring covered with snow.

He groans, shaking the snow off and looking around.]

Darn board's rigged, I swear.

[And by rigged he means busted in two pieces, which he's tossed to the side.]

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[Have a robotic chao flitting about your head, Vector.]

Oh no! Don't give up so soon! You can do it!

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[And guess who's being pestered by some Creabmeats with mistletoe? Knuckles is!

He's trying to push them away, but they just. Keep. Coming.]

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[Flying has its advantages and she is making good use of this as she hovers nearby.]

My, my. I had no idea you were so popular. Care to introduce me to your new friends, Knuckie?

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[Shootin' at dem Badniks. BLAM BLAM BLAM


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[Uh oh! Seems this 'bot isn't very happy about the Santa Claus outfit he's stuck in, complete with a silly, fake beard.]

Unauthorized contact with unit is unacceptable. Prepare to be punished!

[He manages to tear off the stupid beard and hat, but the badniks keep putting it back on him.]

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[Meanwhile, there's a Mecha Sonic chilling. While wearing fake antlers and a Santa hat.

He doesn't seem to terribly perturbed, actually. Or by the snow, because he's waterproof. He does, however, look bored.]

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Yo, what's with the antlers?

[Someone looks a teensy bit amused over here. Robots in Christmas clothes? What even.]

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[Here's a Tails who's been stuck in an elf costume (minus the fake ears since those obviously wouldn't fit). He doesn't seem amused.] Well, I can certainly think of worse costumes to be in than this one.

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[Who cares if they're festive? Classic Sonic's going around bopping bots with his spin jump or attempting to homing attack them with... mixed results.

Hey, at least he's trying!]

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[How he doesn't mind have an audience cheering him on. Also, he's wearing an elf costume, so Sonic's free to make fun of him for it.]

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Yo! Who's up for some boarding?

[Sonic's hanging by the entrance to Angel island's ring, looking more than a little pumped as he takes a bite out of a chili dog.]

I am very rusty, so bear with me.

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Badniks in costumes? Seriously?

[He looks around and rolls his eyes.]

This has got Eggman written all over it.

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Really now, you must think little of me if you think I could be that tacky!

[He is wearing a Santa hat himself though. So who knows?]

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[...yeah, the festive robots have caught his attention. While they're nothing he's ever seen before, it still reeks of Robotnik.

Still, there's a green-quilled hedgie just hanging by the Robotropolis ring he may or may not have just come out of. Going through doors and ending up in different places is not new, but still bothersome]

Man, this place is weird. [Spinning a drumstick idly around a finger as he examines everyone]

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[Whoa, hey! There's someone he hasn't seen before. And Sonic, being a curious dude, is going to mosey on over.]

Cool 'do.

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[ Shadow can't help but raise a brow at the decorations... particularly the badniks in costume. He had no interest in holiday cheer... much less decorations. Still, it appeared the others enjoyed it. He had a feeling that Sonic himself probably liked it the best. In Winter, the water would be frozen solid, so it took away that fear, too.

Things would be much more slippery, however. Shadow was lucky he had his jet-shoes. He takes a look at the Angel Island opening and smirks. Something to occupy himself with... He had no interest in the rest going on. He makes his way over to grab a snowboard. ]

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You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

[Hey, hey Shadow. It's that one Sonic that isn't your Sonic. Wat do?]

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[Metal is standing by, giving the badniks some glances. He'd just shake his head slightly.

The fun part is he's unaware that his upper limbs have red stripes similar to candy-canes. But the most noticeable thing is his usually black cape, that is now a brighter red with white fluff at the bottom. It totally looks like he stole it from a Santa costume.]

And people wonder why I usurped him.

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I can think of some reason why you did. [He's stuck in an elf costume so he isn't alone there.]

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[Elsewhere, another was on top of a mountain in Ice Cap Zone, looking a lot less glum about the sudden festive look. A scarf was neatly wrapped around his neck joint, but he was sure it wasn't always there.

Not being too familiar with snow, he curiously scooped some up in his hand. It was a bit powdery, he noted.

He may or may not be in the way of the people snowboarding down, by the way.]

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[Find enclosed 1 (one) Eggman, standing by the entrance to Angel Island. He's dressed appropriately for winter and is holding a personalised snowboard in one gloved hand.]

Ho ho ho! Things seem a little boring around here! Who dares challenge me to a snowboard race through the Ice Cap Zone?

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You, snowboarding?

[Hold on, he's trying to picture this and... failing.]

You're on, 'Buttnik, but don't say I didn't warn ya!

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Huh? Hey, what is this place?

Edited 2011-12-15 02:13 (UTC)

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*You might not have a fight on your hands. Or, depending on how you handle this..*

You're asking me. This would be cute, if it wasn't for the robots everywhere...


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This isn't weird at all.

*Have one Amy Rose, one pink hedgehog with some sarcasm on the side.*

What is going on here? Wait, what do you think you're-?


*TWANG. After having tinsel and lights thrown on her, cue said badnik being hit over the head by one big hammer.*

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[Hopefully Amy doesn't mind being watched by a creepy robot that looks suspiciously like Sonic.

Also stuck in silly Christmas attire, like the badniks.]

[He starts trudging towards her. His voice sounds a lot like Steve Urkel SatAM Sonic's, if you took all the enthusiasm and attitude away and added a mechanical undertone.]

Drop your weapon.

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