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[ /slowly slides into -- ]

[The last thing he could remember was falling, a violent descent. He expected to burn, his body searing in the planet's atmosphere, for even through his status as the Ultimate Lifeform, he was sure that the odds of survival were stacked against him.

He'd shut his eyes, waiting for pain and what could have easily been the end...

... but instead, he found himself landing far too gently on a smooth platform, something entirely nonsensical for the drop he'd made.

He slowly peered weary red eyes open, his once shining, nearly white (with a tinge of gold) fur now back to its blackened state. Upon getting to his knees and looking down on himself...

Apart from the wounds inflicted by the Biolizard and his journey's wear and tear, he was basically untouched. Most importantly so, he was alive and well, and everything seemed...


Wait, no.

Where even is he, anyway?

What is the meaning of this? [He harshly whispered to himself, obviously to nothing or no one in particular.

He wasn't out of the woods yet.

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[Sonic decided long ago that Shadow should be treated better than how he deserved. Do unto others, that hadn't exactly applied for Sonic when it came to Shadow. Sure the black hedgehog made an art out of being so condescending, but Sonic had known that there was more to Shadow than he ever let on.]

Heh, I get that you do that resorting to name calling thing when you don't know how else to express yourself, Shadow. I do have a name too, y'know.

What's the point in lying to you anyway? Not like I ever did it to you before either, so why start now?
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[Sonic had to laugh again. His track record? Not clean? Who was Shadow kidding? But it was true, they did hardly know each other, though Sonic did prefer to think of it as they've only started to know each other. On top of that, Sonic ended up learning more about himself when he found out more about Shadow.

Maybe that's why he found it easier to trust Shadow too. If not just because of his own nature or personality.]

I don't really expect much out of you, heh. Is that better?

You could have it your way, and I could leave you alone, heh. Not like that's outta my way either. Good luck gettin' outta here on your own.
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[Whenever it comes to the way Sonic's mind works, it is exactly the same way that Sonic acts around Shadow, intentionally or not. He liked having Shadow chase after him and his logic. Could Shadow keep up with the speed of thought? That should've posed enough of a challenge.]

You really have no clue as to how to get outta here, do you?

[Sonic stepped closer and leaned forward just to see Shadow. Just to annoy him again, though that wasn't all that hard either.]

Y'know, since I kinda know the last thing that happened to you before you got here, why don't you make the most of it?