sonicwind: (⚡ show me a secret)
Sonic the Hedgehog ([personal profile] sonicwind) wrote in [community profile] specialzone 2012-05-11 02:51 am (UTC)

<3 SA2 Shadows are my favorite <3

[So falling through space and burning up in the atmosphere didn't equate to death? Sonic already had enough trouble trying to deal with watching that happen, though he kept it very far and deep inside him, locking it up tight and only peeking inside whenever he had to.

But again, he could give Shadow a pass on that. Why was it that none of the black hedgehogs he ran into actually knew that he had a name? It was amusing all the same.]

Yeah? I've been here for a while. Just the way this world works, y'know. Don't ask me how we all got here, but heh, were you even gonna ask me in the first place?

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