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shadow the hedgehog. ⁽ ᵀᴴᴱ ᵁᴸᵀᴵᴹᴬᵀᴱ ⁾ ([personal profile] obfuskate) wrote in [community profile] specialzone 2012-05-10 06:14 pm (UTC)

eheeheheh he's a p. recent addition to my roster actually uwu

That much is obvious, hedgehog. [He narrowed his eyes, an ear giving a vexed twitch or two.] Did you really think the Ultimate Lifeform is capable of dying?

[He gave a scoff and lifted his vision to the strange hub world around him. This looked nothing like the Earth he got a good glimpse of. This was... definitely different. Too different.

It felt a little unsettling.

... hmph. You -- [Shadow lowered his head back down in a snap.] -- were by the ARK just moments ago.

[His implication was obvious; he found it impossible for him to have gotten here before he did. There was no way, not unless...


Chaos Control? No, he'd need a terribly powerful one to get here, wouldn't he? Wherever here even is. If he just knew what this place was, he'd probably be able to gather a more accurate answer.

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