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[For the residents of this special zone who have already been here a while, seeing another Sonic around shouldn't be all that surprising. But this Sonic disregarding the fact that the account has been collecting dust for months has just recently found himself in the place. And needless to say, he's lost.]

[Metaphorically and Literally.]

[After deciding he wasn't just gonna wait around in the central hub, he's now just running randomly through several of the warp rings, trying to find his way around the place, or rather, back to where he was before. Some places looked familiar, some didn't. It was all pretty weird.]

[Of course he's seen weirder situations in his life.]

[After a while he found himself back in the lobby. He took a quick survey of his surroundings and scratched his head.]

Sheesh, what is this place, some kinda crazy ring puzzle? Where am I, anyway?

[Help a hedgehog bro out?]
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[ As soon as he saw the bright lights, Shadow shook his head. How did he get roped into this again? The last time it was true that he needed a break... Sonic had wanted him to try and live a little-- but this place was for children.

It hadn't been a bad experience, but most of him thought he could be elsewhere, doing something more productive. Maybe that wasn't what 'having fun' was about, though. Part of him mused at the sign that remained... "Cute Couples get in Free!" It was there before, too... Last summer, wasn't it?

... Was it always there? Shadow remembered Sonic had said something about Amy reacting to the sign. He smirked at the idea-- of course she would like something like this. He'd met her briefly, and in that time knew that she was obsessed with the blue hedgehog. But enough of that... Shadow stepped into the elevator entrance, waiting for Sonic. ]

I hope this wasn't to make up for your embarrassing loss at the race we had last time we were here.
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[See Sonic? See Sonic juice. See Sonic juice all over the zone throughout each of the different areas, scouting out anything suspicious. What's he doing?

... Well, when he finally makes it back to the center of the room with some chili dogs in hand, he'll start by addressing anyone nearby.]

Yo! I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinkin' there's something fishy goin' on. I mean, I know I'm a past cool hedgehog, but this whole double business is mondo suspicious, if ya ask me.

Sooo, how about we have a headcount here? Any other Sonics hangin' around?

[A pause, as he glances around. He takes a bite out of one of the chili dog before he continues.]

And while we're at it, where are all you guys from, anyway? I've been all over Mobius, and some of you guys are total strangers to me. What's that about?
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[ This was just a minor setback. Nothing major. He just happened to be in what looked like the Chao Lobby... Except instead of entrances into each garden, there were just multiple goal rings.

No biggie.

It's not like the entire world was at stake or anything.

Zipping impatiently to each ring and back again, Sonic's expression was one of confusion and irritation. Sure, he did just blow up the Eclipse Cannon, but things weren't over yet! What if that Egghead had another plan up his sleeve? Just beating Shadow wouldn't be enough. ]

Come on, one of these has gotta be the way back... I didn't even pick up a Chao Key! If I don't get back soon, Eggman might be working on some other dumb plan! I gotta regroup with Tails and Amy!
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[He's been searching and data collecting a lot recently.

Every ring, every nook and cranny.

And now he's emerging from the Angel Island ring, sparking a little from contact with the snow in Ice Cap. But...]

Data obtained. Findings questionable.

Conclusion: Rings lead to realistic simulations. Mini dimensions? Zzzt. Must further assess possibilities.

[And he'll go on like this for a while, just rambling in techno-garble.]
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[There's an Enerjak chilling at the food court, eating a chili dog. And this won't be his only hot dog. In fact there's a group of NPCs bringing over several plates of chili dogs. Said NPCs look...rather blank for some reason.

But hey, at least they're making Enerjak's chili dogs they right way now, yeah?]
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Suddenly, there's something distinctly furry lying on the ground here. Seems like his entry to the zone wasn't exactly smooth. Right now he's just lying there, trying to catch his breath.

Though, that's strange. He resembles a certain blue hedgehog, doesn't he?]

[ooc: This is a new muse for me, so pardon my fail as I get used to this guy. Anyway, werehog! Enjoy.]
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Attention Mobians.

You are now under the jurisdiction of Dr. Robotnik. Prepare to be roboticized. Non compliant beings will be taken by force.

[He's been going on about this for at least ten minutes, repeating the same mindless phrases and praise to Robotnik. The odd thing about this robot? He's roughly the same size as Sonic and sounds remarkably like his SatAM counterpart.]

[ooc: An AU SatAM Sonic that got roboticized some time before Season 2. Some of you might remember him from TDZ. Silver Sonic is just a PB.]
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[If there's one great thing about Station Square, it's the wide open turf full of all kinds of cool attractions. Sandy beaches, a casino, Twinkle Park, and the booming cityscape that's ripe for exploration and cool stunts.

And Sonic here discovered a powerup monitor that contained a skateboard. So what does this mean?

Right now, he's taking advantage of the board by scooting around town, doing all sorts of tricks on his way. Sure, it's not the same as running, but it's still a ton of fun!

Want to join in? There appears to be a few of these monitors scattered around the street today!]
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[These past few days, Sonic's been enjoying all the different zones, but he's had something on his mind. And now he's taking the time to address the general population with a big question.

Well, big in his opinion.]

You know, cool as this place is, there's somethin' that's been bugging me for a while.

[He takes a bite of a chili dog.]

Anyone else seen doubles of people here? More than one version, I mean. Could've sworn I've seen at least two other hedgehogs juicin' around here, and they were all blue! Plus, I've seen at least two different Sals, and they were both totally different than the one I know.

It just feels like there's something fishy goin' on. Mondo fishy.


Jun. 4th, 2011 11:36 pm
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[And here's a Shadow...chilling on a beach on the simulated South Island with a nice cold drink and an umbrella over a beach chair. Because that's totally what Shadow would do in a situation where he's been taken from his world.

Wait, what?]


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