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[Well, here's a fresh face. Sally Acorn is stuck in Knothole--in a sense. The snow had come down overnight, leaving a blanket of white over the entire village. Initially she had considered heading an effort to clear it out that morning, but when she had woken up and peered out the window, she saw several Freedom Fighters frolicking, snow-fighting, sculpting, and otherwise playing in the seasonal downfall.]

Hmn. [She makes a small, muted smile, cradling her chin in her hand as she sits at the window inside her hut. Feel free to come by and chat but don't you dare snowball her. I mean you, Sonic Hedgehog.]
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[Here comes Sally. She's once more plugging things into a computer, though what it is she's plugging in, well...

...you'll have to ask her!]
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[No, really, there is what looks like a midget in a hazmat suit, with a little note pad in its hands. It stops after several steps, looking around the hub, confused. This...did not look like where they were just three seconds ago. Not even close. Too bright...and...flying rings? The circus? Or...

Also said hazmat suit is covered in smelly gunk, but don't let that deter you.]

((OOC: Check her journal. I have no shame.))
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