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[There was no way for this vessel to still be airborne. When he arrived on the Egg Fleet - also called the Final Fortress, this was his first thought. He spent the first few minutes turning around examining the place, how... untarnished it was. Then he saw the tall tower that was shaped like a lowercase T.

He didn't look at it for long - nor did he need to - to remember the first time he lost to Sonic, fighting him by himself. No creator. Doing a 180 degree turn showed him the room where he had...

...fully carried out his traitorous plan by locking the Doctor inside of it...

If anyone else was on the flagship really close by, they would have heard a shaky gasp emit from the robotic lifeform as he forced his feet - not the rocket booster in his chest - to carry him to the door of it. Why was it open? He pushed it aside, taking a step or two into the small room. The fact that blinking lights on the several small components on the walls were ... active still, may have spooked him if he wasn't already.

The only question the robot wanted to ask was why?]

[If anyone wants to confront/snoop around and spy on, etc., an oblivious Metal, go ahead. They could be farther in the room, not yet noticed by the robot, or maybe outside on the flagship nearby?]
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[Anyone who is in the main lobby may notice a certain Sonic lookalike standing appropriately on the Sonic statue in the middle of the 'room' - more specifically on one of its arms.]

If I'll have your attention. If there is anyone at all who is enjoying their time here... I'm afraid what I'm going to do next might disappoint you.

[He waits a few seconds, while a small cyan ring of electricity begins to run around his hand. When it gets large enough, he almost flicks his hand upward just right, sending it to hit the Sonic monument right in the face. The collision made an obnoxious crack; A shower of sparks and pieces of the statue raining down. Think of it as fireworks and rubble... that would rain down near you. He just stood there, arms crossed.

His normally monotone voice seemed more stern now.]

I am going to tear this zone down. If anyone would like to try stopping me, to - convince me otherwise - feel free.
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[OOC: Yes, this is the same player as [info]loathsomecopy . I'm just trying to see if I want to do anything with this AU Metal of mine. Hopefully seeing so much of him isn't getting annoying? Don't worry, these are the only ones you'll see.. from me anyway]

[Metal had arrived at a quiet time for the lobby, thus wasn't sure whether to find it good or bad. First of all, he didn't like the abrupt relocation. After getting over the initial shock, figured that being alone meant no one to assault him while mistaking him for an older him - No. Someone else entirely.

The curious robot stumbled around a few rings, but they.. weren't really to his liking. He was somewhat relieved when he'd found a garden of chao. He'd took in the lush grass and few palm trees before finding said creatures. He had, a few years back, took one to study and copy data from, but... He'd never known how they'd acted around others of their kind.

Needless to say, if anyone were to stumble into the ring for the neutral Chao Garden, they would find something a tad alarming, which would be a known assassin robot sitting still on the grass, a bit away from a group of chao... He'd occasionally try to coax one closer, when he was more confident he wouldn't scare one away.

If anyone paid attention or had seen this look of his before, they might or might not notice some differences in his appearance. The long, sharp spike coming out of his back was fairly short, and his ridiculously curved feet were... actually the same as his original form's. From the front of him, you could actually see a tail on him, which was actually considerably longer than a hedgehog's.

Though, it is assumed most people will just skip over these things and wonder WHY he'd be here.]
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