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[See Sonic? See Sonic juice. See Sonic juice all over the zone throughout each of the different areas, scouting out anything suspicious. What's he doing?

... Well, when he finally makes it back to the center of the room with some chili dogs in hand, he'll start by addressing anyone nearby.]

Yo! I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinkin' there's something fishy goin' on. I mean, I know I'm a past cool hedgehog, but this whole double business is mondo suspicious, if ya ask me.

Sooo, how about we have a headcount here? Any other Sonics hangin' around?

[A pause, as he glances around. He takes a bite out of one of the chili dog before he continues.]

And while we're at it, where are all you guys from, anyway? I've been all over Mobius, and some of you guys are total strangers to me. What's that about?


Dec. 20th, 2011 10:14 pm
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[Hello, Special Zone. This is Knuckles the Echidna. Perhaps not one most are used to, but it is him nevertheless. And his panicking, as he seems unable to move no matter how much strength he manages to muster.

In completely unrelated news, there's a sprig of mistletoe over his head. Feel free to point and laugh make of it what you will, denizens.]
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[He's been searching and data collecting a lot recently.

Every ring, every nook and cranny.

And now he's emerging from the Angel Island ring, sparking a little from contact with the snow in Ice Cap. But...]

Data obtained. Findings questionable.

Conclusion: Rings lead to realistic simulations. Mini dimensions? Zzzt. Must further assess possibilities.

[And he'll go on like this for a while, just rambling in techno-garble.]
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[A squirrel man comes out of a door, looking, rather confused and half-covered in crystal the instant he crosses the threshold. Quite logical as to the reason why; the place he just left looks like nothing but a fully crystal-coated landscape.

What is not so logical is that, after several seconds, the crystal cracks and splits like ice, and starts falling off of him. Letting out a 'huh' of surprise, the man looks down at himself, before shaking the crystals off of his now-normal legs and torso. The bits and pieces come off like snow, falling harmlessly onto a pile on the ground.]

Well...that has never happened before.

[Once he's done, he looks around. That what he walked into was not inside the Void was a certainty. Which begged the question...]

I wonder where I've ended up now...?
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Attention Mobians.

You are now under the jurisdiction of Dr. Robotnik. Prepare to be roboticized. Non compliant beings will be taken by force.

[He's been going on about this for at least ten minutes, repeating the same mindless phrases and praise to Robotnik. The odd thing about this robot? He's roughly the same size as Sonic and sounds remarkably like his SatAM counterpart.]

[ooc: An AU SatAM Sonic that got roboticized some time before Season 2. Some of you might remember him from TDZ. Silver Sonic is just a PB.]
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[There is an echidna walking through the evil city, looking for a certain fat man. He's not going to leave until he's found him. There's no way that man couldn't be here. He can almost feel the evil emanating from the city.

Power or no...he would find the fat man. And when he did, the fat man would regret ever thinking about the Chaos Emeralds.]
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[These past few days, Sonic's been enjoying all the different zones, but he's had something on his mind. And now he's taking the time to address the general population with a big question.

Well, big in his opinion.]

You know, cool as this place is, there's somethin' that's been bugging me for a while.

[He takes a bite of a chili dog.]

Anyone else seen doubles of people here? More than one version, I mean. Could've sworn I've seen at least two other hedgehogs juicin' around here, and they were all blue! Plus, I've seen at least two different Sals, and they were both totally different than the one I know.

It just feels like there's something fishy goin' on. Mondo fishy.
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[Over the past few days, Fang's stayed on the down-low. He's kept his eyes on the people here and scouted the area for answers.

So far, his hunt hasn't been too successful, but he's looked at most of the warp rings by now. And it's been... interesting, to say the least. Right now, he's going back and forth between the ring to Robotropolis.

Even without Robotnik around, the place is filled to capacity with SWATbots and other threats. And that murky air almost feels authentic. Curious characters can find him all over the place, though he'll spend quite some time at Robotnik's little throne, for irony's sake.

Later on, he'll be back in the lobby, tossing his gun up and down. And he'll address anyone he sees with a simple question.]

So, how 'bout these rings? Find anything good?

[Don't worry, he won't fire. Not unless somebody pays him.]
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