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This place...

[ Shadow stepped upon the grass, his quills blowing in the wind. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue, the sun shining... The black hedgehog often spent days in places like this, away from other people. The Earth truly was beautiful, even if he found he no longer cared for the people that inhabited it.

But his attention wasn't caught by the scenery... no, it was by the picnic table he saw and the banner strung high above it. The table was decorated with many tasty looking treats, and the banner was bright and happy-- the writing on it was so very familiar.

It said: "Happy Birthday, Sonic!"

That was a name he hadn't heard in such a long time. Shadow peered at the banner before looking back at the table... cupcakes, cake, drinks, chilidogs... So many foods that were very popular with his old friends.

But they were no longer around. They hadn't been around in over a hundred years... How was any of this possible? Was this some kind of trick, was someone trying to weaken his resolve, make him vulnerable? Toying with his heart like this... Shadow clenched his fists before suddenly knocking most of the food off the table. ]


[ It wasn't possible. They had all died and Shadow was the only one left. There was no way they could be here... as much as his heart wanted it to be true. It was some kind of trick. Still, he looked down at the fallen chilidog, its condiments spilled all over the grass. That was Sonic's favorite food... ]


[ ooc: more shadow, more problems. info in profile and journal. the world this shadow comes from is way in the future, but the world is not destroyed. just all his friends from the past are dead... such is the life of immortals. ]
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[Well here's something a little different. There's a Tails, but this one is quite different. Mainly because he's dressed in Eggman's clothes with a white-lab coat over it. Also because of the glowing yellow eyes.

The shadow doesn't seem amused. But at least it won't go berserk.....yet. Any Sonics that show up, watch out. This is not best buddy side-kick Tails.]

How typical.

(OOC: This is a crossover with Persona 4. While he is Tails' shadow, he doesn't really count as an OC. He is a Tails, but just his darker side. So it should be fine unless the mod deems that it isn't.

Feel free to ask me any questions.)


Dec. 20th, 2011 10:14 pm
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[Hello, Special Zone. This is Knuckles the Echidna. Perhaps not one most are used to, but it is him nevertheless. And his panicking, as he seems unable to move no matter how much strength he manages to muster.

In completely unrelated news, there's a sprig of mistletoe over his head. Feel free to point and laugh make of it what you will, denizens.]
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[Look who's back. It's the Tails from that duck place. He makes a not so graceful landing and groans.] Ow..... [He sits up and notices his surroundings.] Where is this? This seems kinda familiar.

[He stand up and sighs, as he dusts himself off. Tails isn't exactly in the best of moods, but seems to be okay otherwise.]
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[There was no way for this vessel to still be airborne. When he arrived on the Egg Fleet - also called the Final Fortress, this was his first thought. He spent the first few minutes turning around examining the place, how... untarnished it was. Then he saw the tall tower that was shaped like a lowercase T.

He didn't look at it for long - nor did he need to - to remember the first time he lost to Sonic, fighting him by himself. No creator. Doing a 180 degree turn showed him the room where he had...

...fully carried out his traitorous plan by locking the Doctor inside of it...

If anyone else was on the flagship really close by, they would have heard a shaky gasp emit from the robotic lifeform as he forced his feet - not the rocket booster in his chest - to carry him to the door of it. Why was it open? He pushed it aside, taking a step or two into the small room. The fact that blinking lights on the several small components on the walls were ... active still, may have spooked him if he wasn't already.

The only question the robot wanted to ask was why?]

[If anyone wants to confront/snoop around and spy on, etc., an oblivious Metal, go ahead. They could be farther in the room, not yet noticed by the robot, or maybe outside on the flagship nearby?]
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[Here comes Sally. She's once more plugging things into a computer, though what it is she's plugging in, well...

...you'll have to ask her!]
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[He's been searching and data collecting a lot recently.

Every ring, every nook and cranny.

And now he's emerging from the Angel Island ring, sparking a little from contact with the snow in Ice Cap. But...]

Data obtained. Findings questionable.

Conclusion: Rings lead to realistic simulations. Mini dimensions? Zzzt. Must further assess possibilities.

[And he'll go on like this for a while, just rambling in techno-garble.]
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A Squirrel who looks like an adult version of Sally's actually wandering around, confused and lost: a moment before she was with her brother Manik and his wife then, suddenly, she found herself in a completely unknown place after trying to enter in her dining room.

"Oh, gosh, what's wrong now?"

Sonia sighed, looking around.

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[There's an Enerjak chilling at the food court, eating a chili dog. And this won't be his only hot dog. In fact there's a group of NPCs bringing over several plates of chili dogs. Said NPCs look...rather blank for some reason.

But hey, at least they're making Enerjak's chili dogs they right way now, yeah?]
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Attention Mobians.

You are now under the jurisdiction of Dr. Robotnik. Prepare to be roboticized. Non compliant beings will be taken by force.

[He's been going on about this for at least ten minutes, repeating the same mindless phrases and praise to Robotnik. The odd thing about this robot? He's roughly the same size as Sonic and sounds remarkably like his SatAM counterpart.]

[ooc: An AU SatAM Sonic that got roboticized some time before Season 2. Some of you might remember him from TDZ. Silver Sonic is just a PB.]
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[There is an echidna walking through the evil city, looking for a certain fat man. He's not going to leave until he's found him. There's no way that man couldn't be here. He can almost feel the evil emanating from the city.

Power or no...he would find the fat man. And when he did, the fat man would regret ever thinking about the Chaos Emeralds.]
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[Here is Tails, sitting on the ground, with a laptop and he's on the Internet trying to get somewhere. He's been trying to access some website and it keeps giving him errors. He tries bringing up another website, but even that doesn't seem to work for some reason. He looks rather puzzled.]

I wonder why the community isn't letting me access it during this virus. I know if it was letting me go, I would be home by now. Though how is me not being able to access it somehow affecting my ability to get onto Google?

[He keeps trying, but anyone is free to come bug him. Hopefully they don't mind getting confused though, 'cause he's not gonna make a lot of sense at the moment.]

(OOC: This Tails is from [livejournal.com profile] dramadramaduck and has spent a little more than a year on there. He's pre- Colors, but post Unleashed.)
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[No, really, there is what looks like a midget in a hazmat suit, with a little note pad in its hands. It stops after several steps, looking around the hub, confused. This...did not look like where they were just three seconds ago. Not even close. Too bright...and...flying rings? The circus? Or...

Also said hazmat suit is covered in smelly gunk, but don't let that deter you.]

((OOC: Check her journal. I have no shame.))
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[OOC: Yes, this is the same player as [info]loathsomecopy . I'm just trying to see if I want to do anything with this AU Metal of mine. Hopefully seeing so much of him isn't getting annoying? Don't worry, these are the only ones you'll see.. from me anyway]

[Metal had arrived at a quiet time for the lobby, thus wasn't sure whether to find it good or bad. First of all, he didn't like the abrupt relocation. After getting over the initial shock, figured that being alone meant no one to assault him while mistaking him for an older him - No. Someone else entirely.

The curious robot stumbled around a few rings, but they.. weren't really to his liking. He was somewhat relieved when he'd found a garden of chao. He'd took in the lush grass and few palm trees before finding said creatures. He had, a few years back, took one to study and copy data from, but... He'd never known how they'd acted around others of their kind.

Needless to say, if anyone were to stumble into the ring for the neutral Chao Garden, they would find something a tad alarming, which would be a known assassin robot sitting still on the grass, a bit away from a group of chao... He'd occasionally try to coax one closer, when he was more confident he wouldn't scare one away.

If anyone paid attention or had seen this look of his before, they might or might not notice some differences in his appearance. The long, sharp spike coming out of his back was fairly short, and his ridiculously curved feet were... actually the same as his original form's. From the front of him, you could actually see a tail on him, which was actually considerably longer than a hedgehog's.

Though, it is assumed most people will just skip over these things and wonder WHY he'd be here.]


Jun. 4th, 2011 11:36 pm
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[And here's a Shadow...chilling on a beach on the simulated South Island with a nice cold drink and an umbrella over a beach chair. Because that's totally what Shadow would do in a situation where he's been taken from his world.

Wait, what?]
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[Over the past few days, Fang's stayed on the down-low. He's kept his eyes on the people here and scouted the area for answers.

So far, his hunt hasn't been too successful, but he's looked at most of the warp rings by now. And it's been... interesting, to say the least. Right now, he's going back and forth between the ring to Robotropolis.

Even without Robotnik around, the place is filled to capacity with SWATbots and other threats. And that murky air almost feels authentic. Curious characters can find him all over the place, though he'll spend quite some time at Robotnik's little throne, for irony's sake.

Later on, he'll be back in the lobby, tossing his gun up and down. And he'll address anyone he sees with a simple question.]

So, how 'bout these rings? Find anything good?

[Don't worry, he won't fire. Not unless somebody pays him.]


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