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[Here comes Sally. She's once more plugging things into a computer, though what it is she's plugging in, well...

...you'll have to ask her!]
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A Squirrel who looks like an adult version of Sally's actually wandering around, confused and lost: a moment before she was with her brother Manik and his wife then, suddenly, she found herself in a completely unknown place after trying to enter in her dining room.

"Oh, gosh, what's wrong now?"

Sonia sighed, looking around.

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[There's an Enerjak chilling at the food court, eating a chili dog. And this won't be his only hot dog. In fact there's a group of NPCs bringing over several plates of chili dogs. Said NPCs look...rather blank for some reason.

But hey, at least they're making Enerjak's chili dogs they right way now, yeah?]
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[Nicole is seen walking around, looking a bit nervous. She looks like something is terribly wrong, and it most certainly is! ..To her anyway. Last she remembers she wasn't too welcome out in the open, and now she can't seem to disappear at all..]

Where are they? [She holds her hand.] I can't feel the nanities at all anymore.
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[No, really, there is what looks like a midget in a hazmat suit, with a little note pad in its hands. It stops after several steps, looking around the hub, confused. This...did not look like where they were just three seconds ago. Not even close. Too bright...and...flying rings? The circus? Or...

Also said hazmat suit is covered in smelly gunk, but don't let that deter you.]

((OOC: Check her journal. I have no shame.))


Jun. 4th, 2011 11:36 pm
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[And here's a Shadow...chilling on a beach on the simulated South Island with a nice cold drink and an umbrella over a beach chair. Because that's totally what Shadow would do in a situation where he's been taken from his world.

Wait, what?]
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