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[Maybe they were taking a relaxing stroll through Green Hill Zone or battling lava monsters in a disturbing future. It could be that they're a Freedom Fighter fighting to defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik with bombs, speed, power rings... or musical instruments. Like riding Extreme Gear? That's nice.

But it doesn't matter where they were. When characters first arrive, they'll be greeted by a vast lobby with a transparent floor and walls, a strange Sonic motif, giant rings galore...

And Omochao. Yep.

And he looks so happy to see everyone!]

Hi, I'm Omochao! Did you know that you can visit cool places by jumping in rings? Press the A button to jump! Press it again to do a homing attack! But you already knew that, didn't you?

[Now might be the time where characters try to beat him up or ask for hints! Too bad he's flying down the hall, huh? Characters are welcome to chase after him for whatever reason, but otherwise, go forth and mingle! There are sure to be others just as confused as you are.]

[ooc: I decided to open a little early, just so people can get their groove on! That being said, here's how this post will work. Characters can comment here, threadhop, go explore... Just think of it as a big mingle post to start us all off. No need to add tags to this post, but I'll go over the tag system in the OOC comm very shortly! Also, feel free to hop in the AIM chat specialzone if you'd like.

And don't forget to check out the setting post if you haven't already! You don't have to keep your characters in the hub area if you'd rather play with the different zones.]


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