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Name:Special Zone - a Sonic the Hedgehog Dressing Room
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I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach...

the possibilities are never ending

Welcome to the new Sonic the Hedgehog Dressing Room! Here you can play as your favorite Sonic characters from any continuity or AU. This is an open community, so applications aren't required. Just kick back and enjoy yourselves! That's what we're here for.


Please remember to treat each other with respect. You might not agree with everything another player says or does, but that's no reason to stir stuff up. Play nice, and if something gets out of hand, feel free to contact the mods. Otherwise, talk it over with your fellow players.

Because this is a dressing room, we allow multiples of any Sonic character under the sun. Just because somebody is playing a SA2 Sonic doesn't mean you can't too! On that note, alternate universes are totally fine, but please don't use them as an excuse to play characters from other fandoms in a Sonic skin. You can make AUs based on other fandoms, but we'd prefer it if you stayed true to the character. In other words, a Sonic from the Final Fantasy universe is cool, but Sonic as Cloud... not so much.

Keep it IC. Shadow isn't going to frolic in a meadow, and Cream isn't some mass murderer. With AUs we're a bit more lenient, but please try to stay true to the character in some way or form. On that note, remember that IC =/= OOC. Just because a character is a jerk doesn't mean the player is!

We will allow crack characters for fun shenanigans, but don't go overboard! We'd like to avoid metagaming and 4th-walling without consent.

No original characters. The Sonic series offers tons of characters to play from the games, cartoons, and comics, and while some OCs might be fantastic, we'd rather not open the floodgates. Minor characters with little screen time, however, are totally cool.

This community is het/slash/femnislash friendly, but please keep it tasteful. If a post or a thread contains something explicit-- even violence-- make sure it's clearly marked.

Don't forget to mark your spoilers! This is especially true for the Archie comic series, which updates monthly. Just because you've read or played it doesn't mean others have, so better safe than sorry.

Last but certainly not least, have fun!

P.S. We have an AIM chat over at specialzone, so feel free to drop by!

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