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[Here is Tails, sitting on the ground, with a laptop and he's on the Internet trying to get somewhere. He's been trying to access some website and it keeps giving him errors. He tries bringing up another website, but even that doesn't seem to work for some reason. He looks rather puzzled.]

I wonder why the community isn't letting me access it during this virus. I know if it was letting me go, I would be home by now. Though how is me not being able to access it somehow affecting my ability to get onto Google?

[He keeps trying, but anyone is free to come bug him. Hopefully they don't mind getting confused though, 'cause he's not gonna make a lot of sense at the moment.]

(OOC: This Tails is from [livejournal.com profile] dramadramaduck and has spent a little more than a year on there. He's pre- Colors, but post Unleashed.)
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[OOC: Yes, this is the same player as [info]loathsomecopy . I'm just trying to see if I want to do anything with this AU Metal of mine. Hopefully seeing so much of him isn't getting annoying? Don't worry, these are the only ones you'll see.. from me anyway]

[Metal had arrived at a quiet time for the lobby, thus wasn't sure whether to find it good or bad. First of all, he didn't like the abrupt relocation. After getting over the initial shock, figured that being alone meant no one to assault him while mistaking him for an older him - No. Someone else entirely.

The curious robot stumbled around a few rings, but they.. weren't really to his liking. He was somewhat relieved when he'd found a garden of chao. He'd took in the lush grass and few palm trees before finding said creatures. He had, a few years back, took one to study and copy data from, but... He'd never known how they'd acted around others of their kind.

Needless to say, if anyone were to stumble into the ring for the neutral Chao Garden, they would find something a tad alarming, which would be a known assassin robot sitting still on the grass, a bit away from a group of chao... He'd occasionally try to coax one closer, when he was more confident he wouldn't scare one away.

If anyone paid attention or had seen this look of his before, they might or might not notice some differences in his appearance. The long, sharp spike coming out of his back was fairly short, and his ridiculously curved feet were... actually the same as his original form's. From the front of him, you could actually see a tail on him, which was actually considerably longer than a hedgehog's.

Though, it is assumed most people will just skip over these things and wonder WHY he'd be here.]


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