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for [personal profile] sonicwind | WELCOME TO TWINKLE PARK

[ As soon as he saw the bright lights, Shadow shook his head. How did he get roped into this again? The last time it was true that he needed a break... Sonic had wanted him to try and live a little-- but this place was for children.

It hadn't been a bad experience, but most of him thought he could be elsewhere, doing something more productive. Maybe that wasn't what 'having fun' was about, though. Part of him mused at the sign that remained... "Cute Couples get in Free!" It was there before, too... Last summer, wasn't it?

... Was it always there? Shadow remembered Sonic had said something about Amy reacting to the sign. He smirked at the idea-- of course she would like something like this. He'd met her briefly, and in that time knew that she was obsessed with the blue hedgehog. But enough of that... Shadow stepped into the elevator entrance, waiting for Sonic. ]

I hope this wasn't to make up for your embarrassing loss at the race we had last time we were here.
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[Ah, Twinkle Park. Familiar stomping grounds, a place full of memories, memories that rushed to the forefront of Sonic's mind, even faster than he could run. He had to smile at all of them as they played like a movie reel that he knew backwards and forwards. He knew the park in the same exact way, backwards and forwards, with the bonus of all the ins and outs and up and down. He couldn't keep track of how many times he visited the place, but it never let him down.

This particular trip was going to turn out the same way. He believed it. He had the power to make any situation he ran into go his way, or so he could hope. If things weren't fun, he would try to make them fun, find something good in it. Why spend one's time being so miserable when the power to change things was in one's hands?

Sonic stepped in after Shadow, his hands behind his head, clasped together amidst blue quills. He laughed, not spiteful or even offended, but amused and playful as usual.]

See, you do remember things, especially things you think I can't live down.

[Sonic wasn't sure if Shadow had meant his remark as a way to insult him, but the blue hedgehog wasn't going to take it as one at all. He didn't have to. And if he didn't, it'd save him the very minor heartache anyway.]

C'mon, we both know that I let you win that one. You should be thankin' me for being so nice to you.
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Only if you get it in your head that you think you won just on your own, pal. You got no reason to gloat, heh.

[Sonic looked around at their surroundings. The blue hedgehog on the other hand took the place more at face value than anything else, though still very much aware that this was only the illusion of home, a very vivid comparison to home. He allowed himself to fall into the illusion just as long as he knew its true origins. As he thought before, may as well have his fun while he could.]

Tsh, and I doubt it's gonna change much from here on out. I wanna say you can't change perfection, but hey, everyone's got their own definition of perfect, so I guess that means anything and everything could be better.

[Coming here had been Sonic's idea, but he had no problem flowing and going along with Shadow's pace. He could keep up, of course, decide to fall behind or pull ahead if he wanted. But staying by his side was the important part. He wanted to be here for Shadow more so than for himself, even if his logic on a superficial level said otherwise.]
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So? You can deal with bein' a little insulted, don't you think? You're the one who was making being condescending an art. Hey, don't think that you ever got me down about it though, just saying!

[Sonic thought Shadow was way more resilient to let the idea that Sonic held back insult him. The black hedgehog just had to be saying that for the hell of it, to allow them to have some banter back and forth.

As for the next question Shadow asked, Sonic nodded, although he hadn't exactly meant what he said just for Station Square itself.]

I guess since it's stuck the way it is now. I guess. Someone or something's gotta be behind all this, right? Just gotta figure out who or what. But heh, I'll worry 'bout that later.
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Oh, letting me take the wheel, huh? I got this!

[Sonic now found it hard to decide where to go. He liked most everything in the park and would have trouble figuring out what he liked best. The point of amusement parks was to have fun with friends, present company included. That part was the best, he decided then.

Still, this was up to Sonic. He considered his options, then pointed to the Castle.]

You been inside before? I don't think we went in there last time.
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No problem <3

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[Sonic wondered about those stars, if they were exactly the same as they were at home, if they changed as they were supposed to like at home, or if they were fixed there forever. He hadn't bothered to check. He should though. It might clue him in as to how this place worked. Or create more questions. Either way, it would feel like progress.]

Yeah, a ton of mirrors inside. We should go in, heh. Just think about it, it'll be your chance to take a good look at yourself. Not that I'm thinkin' it's gonna turn out to be some philosophical or psychological trip, but hey, if it does, it does.

[At the rate they went, it usually went that way anyway. Sonic was learning that he actually hadn't minded if it did to some extent.]

Don't tell me you're scared 'bout a bunch of reflective surfaces.
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[A cheerful laugh with the unspoken "touche" escaped Sonic, and he shrugged. He only meant the remark to convince Shadow to go inside the hall of mirrors. It worked.

The surroundings for Sonic were completely normal whenever he came here, save for when there was trouble in Station Square. That problem had been taken care of, and though he was ready, he didn't think that anything like that would happen here.]

You know you can tell me where else you wanna go. It's not all on me.
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[Fine with Sonic, he only got his confirmation that he was the one in control, his hands on the steering wheel. When they entered the castle, Sonic also looked around. The mirrors always looked the same every time.

He went up to one, putting his hand on it, pretending that or wondering if there was some other world on the other side or if he could go through to it. That thought was just so childish though, even as cool as that might've been in some ways.]

So what do you think so far? Get a good look at yourself?
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[Sonic laughed, also having thought of Shadow's questions as he glanced over at their ever-changing reflections. They were reflecting all blue and black and red for the most part.]

It's just for fun! You get to see yourself in different ways, that's all, like ways you don't get to all the time.

I kinda like it! When you look at yourself in one of them, you either get to see how other people see you, or you get to learn more 'bout who you are by what you aren't.
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[Sonic thought about that, his ears flicking as he did so. He looked over at another reflection of himself in a mirror farther away, seeing the way the angle made it look as if he were replicated infinitely.]

So... A mirror's supposed to show your reflection or a reflection of what you put in front of it, sure, but hey, if the mirror's got a flaw, that's somethin' you'd have to find out. But it's not like you actually know if it is messed up or not. What if supposed to be like that?