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"This isn't right at all!"

[Blaze comes darting out of a hallway which plants her squarely back in the main hub. She looks around. She's been in and out of the areas surrounding the hub for quite a while now, trying to find something - probably a way out, given how she looks like she's starting to lose her patience.]

"Gardon!" [She looks around again.] "Marine?" [She lets out a frustrated sigh. In a strange place with no visible exits anywhere, and oh yeah, she has no idea where her Sol Emeralds are - she'd even settle for Sonic and Tails at this point - not that she'd say it out loud.]

"The Sol Emeralds might be unprotected right now...why was I brought here?!"
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Keep yer tail hangin' on ya, cobber! Your Great Captain's right here!!

[ Places her hands on her tiny haunches, looking mighty proud of herself. ]
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This place? Well that's easy!

This place is a--



[ .... she pulls out her book. ]

cant let her know that I don't know... what kinda Captain would I be?
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You wanna know why? Go ahead and join the club!

[...Sorry, Blaze, this Sonic is not being the most helpful on account of being clueless.]

I've been cruisin' around this whole place for ages and still haven't figured it out.
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Y'know, I've kinda lost track. I mean, it's not like this place has any calendars hangin' around!

[...Okay, so it probably does somewhere, but he hasn't bothred to check.]

But I dunno, maybe a few months. Time sorta flies in a place this huge!

[So many cool places to scope out. Aw yeah, he's in paradise.]