twistedmechanic: (unamused)
Shadow Tails ([personal profile] twistedmechanic) wrote in [community profile] specialzone2012-03-15 03:26 pm

I am thou... thou art I

[Well here's something a little different. There's a Tails, but this one is quite different. Mainly because he's dressed in Eggman's clothes with a white-lab coat over it. Also because of the glowing yellow eyes.

The shadow doesn't seem amused. But at least it won't go berserk.....yet. Any Sonics that show up, watch out. This is not best buddy side-kick Tails.]

How typical.

(OOC: This is a crossover with Persona 4. While he is Tails' shadow, he doesn't really count as an OC. He is a Tails, but just his darker side. So it should be fine unless the mod deems that it isn't.

Feel free to ask me any questions.)

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