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I am thou... thou art I

[Well here's something a little different. There's a Tails, but this one is quite different. Mainly because he's dressed in Eggman's clothes with a white-lab coat over it. Also because of the glowing yellow eyes.

The shadow doesn't seem amused. But at least it won't go berserk.....yet. Any Sonics that show up, watch out. This is not best buddy side-kick Tails.]

How typical.

(OOC: This is a crossover with Persona 4. While he is Tails' shadow, he doesn't really count as an OC. He is a Tails, but just his darker side. So it should be fine unless the mod deems that it isn't.

Feel free to ask me any questions.)
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/not familiar with persona. oh well.

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My, my. The little freedom fighter is out playing dress-up.
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Really. [ Well, he didn't act like the fox. Different mannerisms. ] Then care enlighten me?
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Sounds ..charming. And where does a shadow like you come from?
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You mean to tell me that a figment of the mind can be created into something like [ She motioned up and down. ] you? That's quite a feat for a thought. It seems to suggest that you sprang to life from the mind of that little foxboy.
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Hm~ So where do you intend to go, little shadow?
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Maybe you should put your talents to good use instead of dressing up in that horrible costume.

If you're from the subconscious of the little fox, I'm sure you must have a majority of his memories.
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No need to flatter an egomaniac. [ Grumble/mutter. She means Eggman of course. ]

Since you have nowhere particular to be, why don't I help you put find more of a purpose to being here?
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Something in return? Not at the moment. I'm just seeking to help out someone who seems a bit lost.

Though I might be able to think of something eventually, of course.

You seem to dislike the doctor. What do you say to replacing his idiocy with you genius?
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Same as above, not familiar with persona

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[Just... what.

hi, have some staring, other self.]