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Sonic the Hedgehog [SA2] ([personal profile] wontstopjust_go) wrote in [community profile] specialzone2012-03-14 06:35 pm


[ This was just a minor setback. Nothing major. He just happened to be in what looked like the Chao Lobby... Except instead of entrances into each garden, there were just multiple goal rings.

No biggie.

It's not like the entire world was at stake or anything.

Zipping impatiently to each ring and back again, Sonic's expression was one of confusion and irritation. Sure, he did just blow up the Eclipse Cannon, but things weren't over yet! What if that Egghead had another plan up his sleeve? Just beating Shadow wouldn't be enough. ]

Come on, one of these has gotta be the way back... I didn't even pick up a Chao Key! If I don't get back soon, Eggman might be working on some other dumb plan! I gotta regroup with Tails and Amy!

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