([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] specialzone2011-06-12 08:51 pm

Doing things the hard way

[Anyone who is in the main lobby may notice a certain Sonic lookalike standing appropriately on the Sonic statue in the middle of the 'room' - more specifically on one of its arms.]

If I'll have your attention. If there is anyone at all who is enjoying their time here... I'm afraid what I'm going to do next might disappoint you.

[He waits a few seconds, while a small cyan ring of electricity begins to run around his hand. When it gets large enough, he almost flicks his hand upward just right, sending it to hit the Sonic monument right in the face. The collision made an obnoxious crack; A shower of sparks and pieces of the statue raining down. Think of it as fireworks and rubble... that would rain down near you. He just stood there, arms crossed.

His normally monotone voice seemed more stern now.]

I am going to tear this zone down. If anyone would like to try stopping me, to - convince me otherwise - feel free.

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