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Have a SatAM Character (I KNOW RIGHT?)

[Well, here's a fresh face. Sally Acorn is stuck in Knothole--in a sense. The snow had come down overnight, leaving a blanket of white over the entire village. Initially she had considered heading an effort to clear it out that morning, but when she had woken up and peered out the window, she saw several Freedom Fighters frolicking, snow-fighting, sculpting, and otherwise playing in the seasonal downfall.]

Hmn. [She makes a small, muted smile, cradling her chin in her hand as she sits at the window inside her hut. Feel free to come by and chat but don't you dare snowball her. I mean you, Sonic Hedgehog.]

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[But snowballs are so fun!

Well, when Sonic spots Sal, he'll juice on over. Don't worry, he's not gonna fire a snowball at the window! Instead, he'll just knock on the door.]

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[Oh, Sal. Sonic laughs, turning towards Sal with a smirk.]

Hey, I didn't wanna barge in.

[He shakes his head.]

What are you hangin' around in there for, anyway? Aren't you gonna come out here?

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Hey, I'm always cool, Sal.

[He laughs.]

I'd say this cold weather just ups that tenfold.

[He also went there.]

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I don't know, Sal. You don't get much cooler than this!

[Tsk, tsk. No sense in hiding it, Sally. He's totally awesome!


But I guess I could step inside for a bit.

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[Naw. Since when does Sonic doubt his cool factor?]

Sal, Sal, Sal. Even if I step inside, it's not gonna stop me from being way past cool. Besides, I'm totally flexible.

[He puts a hand on his hip.]

And it's not like that snow's goin' anywhere.
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[Oh, c'mon, Sal. The last time he did that, the tea was still hot. Not a fun experience..]

Just don't expect me to hold up my pinky finger.

[He'll go ahead and step inside, though. It is nice to be out of the cold for a little bit.]
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Hey, if you want fancy, try talkin' to Ant. Still, at least you aren't as uptight as he is.

[Because the guy is like the definition of snooty.]

But it's still not my style.

[He puts a hand on his hip.]
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[Amidst all the snow and ice, a robot is sure to stand out. But this 'bot is no SWATbot, stealth bot, or buzz bomber. No, there's something a bit... unsettling about this poor, unfortunate hedgehog.

Maybe it's the fact that he looks familiar. Or the fact that he's rapidly approaching Sal's hut, eyes aglow.

Or maybe it's his voice, which sounds an awful lot like Sonic's if you drained the attitude out of him.]

[Click. Bzzzzt.]

Surrender, Freedom Fighter!

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[Bzzzt. For a split second, the robot grabs his head, cringing at the sight of her.

He can't... do this to Sal---

After a second or two, he continues to charge, stopping only once he reaches the window. He smirks, but it's more evil and twisted than one would expect from Sonic.]

Hello... Sal.

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Status: Roboticized.

[It's said flatly, as one would expect from a roboticized Mobian.]

All must bow to Dr. Robotnik, supreme ruler of Mobius.
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[Cue some more clicks, beeps, and mechanical whirring.

Followed by a groan; he clutches his head again, but quickly shakes it off.]

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[Welp, there appears to be someone strange wandering around the village. Given the dusty old hat and boots, chances are he wasn't in the best of shape.

Heh. Well, this'll be interesting. He'll go ahead and mosey on over to the window, looking totally lost.

Gotta make a good first impression, after all.]

Say, toots, ain't this supposed to be the Great Forest?

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Could say that.

[He takes off his hat long enough to brush off some of the dust. So far, so good.

Fang glances around. No hedgehog? Perfect. And this Sally seems pretty clueless; handy tidbit there.]

Had a run in with a couple of 'bots. Nasty buggers. I'm sure you know all about them.