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[ Shadow had decided to take a run through White Jungle, having not been too surprised to see it again. This place... it must take areas through time, because there was no way this place could exist anymore... The bombs Shadow planted destroyed the entirety of Prison Island.

Still, the jungle wasn't bad, and the fog that was present didn't bother him. He stopped amongst the vegetation, watching a large dragonfly whiz by his head. Before he hadn't the time to stand still and observe the area, but now...

It wasn't so bad. ]

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[Someone here was feeling much better and back to 100%, fully recharged and full of energy once more. That much could've been said for either hedgehog, but it had been a while since the blue hedgehog had seen his darker counterpart around. Thus he couldn't be sure if that had been the case for the other.

As luck would have it and because Sonic had his own reason for not visiting the Forest for now, he ended up in the Jungle instead. Black and red contrasted against the green so vividly, not that his own blue hadn't either.]

Heh, you again, huh?

[This fog and mist that surrounded the area was nothing like the forest Sonic was much more familiar with. Still, it was somewhat coincidental to him and he couldn't help think that both of them had somewhere to retreat to that was full of flora and seemingly remote.]

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Whoa, don't look so excited to see me.

[Sonic smirked as he looked around the jungle again, but then his expression softened a bit when he turned to the black hedgehog.]

So what're you doin' out here?

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[Sonic tilted his head slightly as he thought back about it.]

Hey, yeah, you really did blow it up, heh. So? What do you think now, now that you've got a look at the place?

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[Sonic looked up and around at all the foliage around, though he tried not to think about how it was all completely destroyed at home.]

There's gotta be another reason you're out here. You don't have any regrets, but you wanted to come back. What's up?

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You think that kinda thing is gonna keep me outta the game? I think you know the reason why I'm here and not there, heh.

[Sonic did think that Shadow's question was fair. The blue hedgehog laughed, kicking a bit at the grass with his leg that had been part of that "incident."]

I'm out for a run again. The usual, but you should've known that too, right?

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[The little winged dog flutters over to the hedgehog, eying him curiously. He offers him a friendly look]

Are you lost?


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I'm a ...

[Chip .. hovers there for a brief pause, tilting his head with one arm under his chin for a moment, seeming to be in intense thought.]


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.. I'm Chip! [He beams a bit obnoxiously as he grins widely.]

[He reaches behind him, into his hammer-space, pulling out something square.] Want some chocolate?

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[His ears are drooping now.] ... Oh.. are you sure? I've never heard of someone turning down something free.

[He doesn't seem depressed about it, but .. curious.]

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[The blue robot was another thing there to observe if Shadow looked. From his place of leaning against a tree, he gazed upon Shadow as he halted his run.

He was still a little intimidated by the other, considering how straightforward he was - that sort of demand he had. As if to signify he acknowledged his being there, he raised his head a tad.]
... Greetings, Shadow.
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I have a name. [He paused, looking about for a moment as if wondering how to answer.]

I am merely taking in my surroundings. This happened to be one of the only accommodating locations I have found in this.. zone, so far.

Is this an issue?

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Indifferent as always. Saying this is easier than doing so. [Metal's posture slumps slightly as he crosses his own arms]

I have to wonder why it is you were running about. I believe someone already fills that role.

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I did not mean to be liter-- [He stops mid-sentence, 'closing' his optics. He tried to sound neutral which probably failed.]


I- I am aware. What of it?

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[Oh. He was talking about that, and not.. the whole made-of-metal thing. He responds slowly, as if thinking about what he meant at the same time.]

Your color scheme does not exactly mesh perfectly either...

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