Jun. 15th, 2011

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[A squirrel man comes out of a door, looking, rather confused and half-covered in crystal the instant he crosses the threshold. Quite logical as to the reason why; the place he just left looks like nothing but a fully crystal-coated landscape.

What is not so logical is that, after several seconds, the crystal cracks and splits like ice, and starts falling off of him. Letting out a 'huh' of surprise, the man looks down at himself, before shaking the crystals off of his now-normal legs and torso. The bits and pieces come off like snow, falling harmlessly onto a pile on the ground.]

Well...that has never happened before.

[Once he's done, he looks around. That what he walked into was not inside the Void was a certainty. Which begged the question...]

I wonder where I've ended up now...?
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Suddenly, there's something distinctly furry lying on the ground here. Seems like his entry to the zone wasn't exactly smooth. Right now he's just lying there, trying to catch his breath.

Though, that's strange. He resembles a certain blue hedgehog, doesn't he?]

[ooc: This is a new muse for me, so pardon my fail as I get used to this guy. Anyway, werehog! Enjoy.]


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