([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] specialzone2011-11-27 06:25 pm
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MOD POST - revival effort

Hey, guys! Posting this in the main comm because chances are more people will see it this way. Anyhow, I've had some requests to revive this place (nice to see a post after all these months, too).

I'm willing to do so. What I'm wondering is if there should be some kind of event to kickstart it, or if the setting needs work... just some kinda brainstorming, I guess! The holidays are around the corner, so we could do some kinda Christmasy thing if anyone would be interested.

Also, help advertising would be great. I do plan on hitting up RPS/anoncomm/plurk and maybe the [ profile] sonicstuff community. Might be looking for helper mods, for good measure. May do a post at [ profile] goalring about that later. For now, you can keep posting like normal. Gotta breathe some life back into this place somehow.

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