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one last chance

[ The challenge was daunting, there was no doubt about that. Search every corner of this tear in space and time in order to find the seven Chaos Emeralds and revive Sonic the Hedgehog. But knowing that his soul was still present, that was enough for the Ultimate Life form. He knew that they could complete this task.

However, once he'd found one of the emeralds and placed his hands on it, he noticed quite immediately that he wasn't where he'd once been. While this strange dimension was filled with places and times sprawled all over the place, this area didn't appear familiar to him...

At least, not since a very long time ago.

Shadow stood up, holding the green emerald on his hand and looked around. What was this place? Didn't matter... he had to get back in order to revive Sonic. ]

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[This... You know, maybe he took the wrong turn somewhere. As wrong a turn someone can take when going through a rip in time and space after utilising Chaos Control. It was his first time using it, if not his fist time going through the process of it.

Silver glances around, taking in that he's in space (?) suddenly, not spotting the other hedgehog yet.]

What is this place?

[He mutters it to himself as he notes the translucent stairs.]

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[Oh, hey! It's Shadow! And since it's Shadow, Sonic's gotta juice on over.]

'sup, Shad? Ya look kinda lost.