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Shadow the Hedgehog ([personal profile] longhours) wrote in [community profile] specialzone2012-09-04 09:20 pm

hangover blues.

[ Great. Just great.

Shadow had planned to get finished with filing paperwork. He and Sonic had just finished a case and the black hedgehog had gotten up early the next morning so that he could fill out the proper documents and file them away, but just as soon as he'd arrived at the precinct, he'd entered the building to find he wasn't at the office at all, instead what appeared to be a strange lobby of sorts, with many large, gold rings hovering within.

The black hedgehog had seen his share of strange sights, but not really anything like this before. Looking irritated, Shadow rubbed his brow and stepped forward, taking out his walkie-talkie. ]

This is Shadow to HQ. Shadow to HQ, do you copy, over?

[ No response. ]

... This is going to be a long day.

[ooc: another au. info in profile.]

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