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This place...

[ Shadow stepped upon the grass, his quills blowing in the wind. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue, the sun shining... The black hedgehog often spent days in places like this, away from other people. The Earth truly was beautiful, even if he found he no longer cared for the people that inhabited it.

But his attention wasn't caught by the scenery... no, it was by the picnic table he saw and the banner strung high above it. The table was decorated with many tasty looking treats, and the banner was bright and happy-- the writing on it was so very familiar.

It said: "Happy Birthday, Sonic!"

That was a name he hadn't heard in such a long time. Shadow peered at the banner before looking back at the table... cupcakes, cake, drinks, chilidogs... So many foods that were very popular with his old friends.

But they were no longer around. They hadn't been around in over a hundred years... How was any of this possible? Was this some kind of trick, was someone trying to weaken his resolve, make him vulnerable? Toying with his heart like this... Shadow clenched his fists before suddenly knocking most of the food off the table. ]


[ It wasn't possible. They had all died and Shadow was the only one left. There was no way they could be here... as much as his heart wanted it to be true. It was some kind of trick. Still, he looked down at the fallen chilidog, its condiments spilled all over the grass. That was Sonic's favorite food... ]


[ ooc: more shadow, more problems. info in profile and journal. the world this shadow comes from is way in the future, but the world is not destroyed. just all his friends from the past are dead... such is the life of immortals. ]
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In falls one (1) Sonic the Hedgehog, landing face-first into the grass. His face is a bit bruised, as if this has happened to him once before now, more than likely because of his descent into the main hub. He stays suspended in a nearly erect position on the ground, almost cartoonishly, before his body slumps down.

Mmmmhnnng... [ He pulls his head out and gives a hearty shake, dirt flying in all directions. ] Hhhaaa- phew! What a rush!

[ He smirks, clearly not too uneasy after having landed from such a high point. (Did he just come out of nowhere? Hmmmm. Perhaps it's one of those portal rings he came from...) He basically has fallen right on his face multiple times before, so it's not like this is unknown to him, and...

Oh, hey! Looks like he's not the only one who managed to get here.

Fancy seeing you here, Shadow! [ His jovial, playful tone of voice rings out to him, coming in closer and closer as Sonic steps up behind him. ] Didn't think you'd follow me here!
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Yeah, reeeeeeeeal happy to see you, too, Shads.

[ Sheesh! That's a hell of a way to greet him. Regardless, Sonic wasn't about to `stop`, leave, or do anything of the sort. He's going to get to the bottom of this, and this means getting Shadow's help, right? They'll both find out what's going on and help each other get back to their main zone. It's as simple as that.

He casually strode up to him, raising an arm and attempting to sling it around his shoulders, a laugh bubbling up from within him. He's so cheery, so carefree, so unknowing that this Shadow's past is more tragic than his own.

How'd you get here, huh? Think Egghead slurped ya up into his egg cream, too?

[ Uh, he meant the Time Eater fiasco. He'd just beaten the thing with his younger self, and in a blinding explosion, he found himself falling here. ]
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[ Sonic thought nothing of it, really. Shadow was always unwilling to be touched when he didn't want it, and he was always grumpy and rigid. How would this be any different?

He gave a lopsided smirk, looking straight at him. The twinkle in his eye, the goofiness in his grin... it's all exact.

What if I don't wanna?

[ Maybe, just maybe he will, but he has to admit that bugging Shadow has some sort of strange appeal. It's kind of funny to see him get all huffy over something as simple as affection. Like, come on, really? ]
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[ Ouch. That was the last thing Sonic expected. Even his super speed didn't help him dodge that, and so he was sent flying a good ways away. He hit the ground with a rough `thud`, making him yelp softly. He just fell onto one of his bruised cheeks! Not cool.

He rose to his hands and knees, one hand going to the back of his head to rub it. Boy, he was going to be aching for a while, for sure. Shadow never usually did that kind of thing when he got angry with him! What was up with that?

Hey- hey! What was that for, huh?

[ If Shadow was looking for a fight, he was going to retaliate. He won't just sit around and let himself get beaten to a pulp for no good reason! Rude. ]
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... Shadow?

[ Wow. This was even more unexpected than the attack itself. He looked really distraught, but for what reason? In fact, Sonic never has seen him look this broken.

Did... Did something happen to prompt that? Geez. For Shadow of all people to be crumbling before his eyes, something big must have happened! He was never affected by anything, at least not so visibly. It all boiled down to Sonic wondering what was wrong with him, because there was no way something wasn't up.

He stood to his feet, a bit wobbly, but otherwise better than he could have been. He stumbled over to the black hedgehog, reaching a hand out to touch one of his.

He flinched. Wow, he was tense.

Come on... look at me!
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Wait, wait, woah-- watched us all die?

[ Sonic was not about to see him lose control here, not now, not ever. He brought both hands over now, clamping over Shadow's own. He held him, the cogs in his mind going 2500 mph as he attempted to reason with him. ]

Shadow, we're fine! Dude, what's coming over you, huh? Shadow...!

[ He then tried to yank his head up, just to try to get him to face him. The look on Sonic's face was difficult to match: pure, frantic concern. This was totally wigging him out. Shadow never acted like this. Ever. ]

Look, I'm fine!
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Hey- hey, look at me! I am him! See?

[ He bolted past him, dashing to and fro, displaying the speed he was known for. That had to be proof enough for him! There was no reason it wouldn't be! ]

Sonic the Hedgehog, can't be any other! Y'know? Shadow?

[ He clenches his fists, ears flopping. Come on, believe him! He's not a fake...! ]
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Wait- age?

[ Sonic paled. Wait, this Shadow carried him during his dying hour, listened to his will, buried him...? He's not dead, though! He was never dead!

That means...

He sucked in a breath. There was only one thing this could be.

Shads, I'm alive, but... y'know what? I think I'm from your past or something.

[ That sunshiny voice of his took a slight dip, shoulders sagging. This Shadow from the future, having buried him and reacted so violently to the possibility of a clone of him...


He smiled shakily, hoping that maybe it'll be contagious and perk him up. That's right, he knew that Shadow would outlive them all, even him, and he would be all alone in the end.

At least, that's what he thought.


Didn't know you cared so much.
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[ That smile was gone as soon as the word `disgust` pours through Shadow's lips. That didn't work at all. In fact, the hedgehog is still just as distraught as he was before. Sonic bit down on his bottom lip, taking a step forward. He was not about to just give up on him! ]

Shads, come on. What kinda planet are you on? What have I gotta do to prove it?

[ It's upsetting, really! He doesn't like seeing his friends upset. He reached a hand out, wanting to just... touch him, make him feel better. He's his rival and he aggravates him sometimes, a mutual feeling, yet he cares for him genuinely. He's still his friend. There is no denying that.

Yet that hand sagged back down. His heart dropped. He wasn't going to stop until Shadow got him here, but... man, this sucked.

You've gotta remember... you know, the time-eating thing Eggy sent on us? That thing's gotta have something to do with this! I was kickin' it up, you know, with little me! Remember?

[ He exhaled, fists closing again. Come on, Shadow. Come on. ]
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Uh, yeah? Man, the little one's me, and I'm the little one. It's all still me.

[ Heh. Heh...


Sonic finally felt that confronting him in a bit of a closer proximity was possible without getting torn to pieces. He saw him again, the Shadow he knew, the one that could handle just about anything thrown at him, his rival and friend.

He was a risk-taker. Of course he was going to reach out and place that hand on Shadow's shoulder. Of course he was going to grin at him and try to perk him up, even though there was still that chance that Shadow would try to kill him again.

He just wanted him to be okay.

It's me, Shadow. [ A bitter chuckle came from him. ]

Remember what I told you? `I die hard.`
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[ Sonic froze at first, taken aback by the fact that Shadow was definitely sobbing. There was no way he wasn't. Here he was, Mr. Supernatural and Unsmiley, just throwing it all away and breaking down in front of him.

He was surprised, but like hell was he going to turn him away. In fact, this just made him want to be at his side even more.

Shadow, hey...

[ He dropped down to his knees, a hand reaching for the one covering his face. He gently grasped his wrist, and in that moment, his smile was completely gone, heart broken.

This Shadow...

This Shadow lost him and it hit him very hard.

He knew Shadow cared about him, however secretive he was, but he never thought it would have been to this extent. It made him want to see his present-day Shadow again, to inform him of this encounter and tell him that he would never be alone, even after he was dead.

He tightened his hold, leaning to whisper to him.

C'mon. You don't have to cry. I'm here for you, yeah? Just like... old times? Yeah?

[ Old times for him, at least. ]
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Yeah... Yeah, I'm here, and I'm not goin' anywhere yet, okay? Heh, takes a lot to get rid of me.

[ He spoke so bitterly, yet so sweetly, knowing that as much as he tries to reassure him, it's difficult to recover from that. To be left all alone, losing all of his friends...

Sonic shut his eyes. What would that be like? It would be awful to lose them all, to live forever and ever without seeing them again. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, even Eggman... all gone. He didn't ever want to imagine that.

He didn't want to go through losing someone again anyway, much like he lost Shadow the first time. When that happened, he felt horrible. He couldn't save him. He just wasn't fast enough.


He's alive, and he's going to stay alive.

He relinquished all control then, snaking his arms around him and tugging him close. He embraced him, nuzzling into him and giving a soft purr into his neck, tail flipping about. Shadow needed this, didn't he?


He is really going to bug the hell out of his Shadow as soon as he sees him again.

I'm here.
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[ Sonic did realize that he felt a lot better afterward. The fact that Shadow didn't hug him back didn't bother him in the slightest. He didn't push him away and repulse, and that was more than enough for him.

He grinned, feeling much better himself. He grounded him to some extent, and that was all he needed now, really.

Dunno if he does, but hey. How about I pass on that message of yours? [ He laughed softly, pressing his palms to his knees. ] Don't want him to think I'm some fake and try to blow me up. I'm not ready to die yet!

[ Jesting, just as Sonic always did and always will do. ]
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That's kinda what I meant!

[ Sonic grinned, following along with him whether or not he liked it. He flopped down beside him, tossing his arms behind his head and kicking back. Man, this spot really was beautiful. Hopefully Shadow really did appreciate the Earth just as much as he did. Such a lovely, amazing planet... ]

Yeah. [ His smile softened. ] That's what I'm gonna do.

[ He yawned softly. He was beginning to get a little drowsy. The whole Time Eater business took a lot out of him. ]


I'm gonna stick around.
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Yeah, but you know what's also my style?

[ Sonic shuffled a little closer to him, their shoulders just lightly bumping together. He inhaled deeply, the fresh scent of nature's fruits wafting subtly among them. Not only that, but he caught the aroma of Shadow's natural musk, much like something very earthy, rich, perhaps with a bit of spice.

That left his tail thumping against the grass. He did like his presence, no matter how much they bickered.

Sticking around for anyone who needs me.
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Yea-... hey, hey!

[ Sonic suddenly beamed, leaning downward to really get that smile in his view. He never saw his Shadow smile like that, not even once. (Okay, maybe there was this one time, but he didn't know he was watching.) It made him want to leap for joy, his heart flipping around inside of him. His tail was definitely going crazy now, practically spinning as it wagged. ]

What's that? [ He laughed softly, a finger reaching to ghost over those lips of his. ] Nice smile, Shadow!
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Why not?

[ Sonic tried to lean around him so he could see it again, unless it was already gone. Sheesh, it almost never happened, so he was going to enjoy it while he could! ]

Looks good on you!
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Eeeeyeeeeeeeah, but...

[ Sonic pulled back, smiling so wide that his teeth showed themselves. ]

You, like... never smile! Gotta enjoy it while it lasts!
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Doin' the usual and bugging Knux any chance she gets. [ He throws his head back and laughs heartily. He curls his knees up to his chest, arms loosely hanging around them. ] So, good to me!

[ He dips his head back down, leveling himself so that he can face Shadow. His tail curls around his hip now, the tip still flicking slightly. ]

Don't think anyone's going anywhere any time soon.

[ He then reaches a hand out to pat Shadow on the shoulder, an attempt to solace him just a little further. ]
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Didn't plan against it!

[ ...

Sonic faced away from him, seeming as if he was interested in something off in the distance, but in truth, his mind was churning thought after thought. This was how Shadow felt about him? He missed him after his passing instead of inwardly celebrating?

... Heh.

That made his heart feel all fuzzy.

Y'know, if we just kinda chilled out, I think we could've been pals or something.

[ I mean, he thought of Shadow that way, but whether or not it was mutual never seemed clear. ]
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i know right SOBS

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[ ... Wow. Okay, of all things, he didn't expect to hear that from Shadow. The comrade thing was sudden itself, but not on as grand a scale as being the most important.


That really felt bittersweet. His Shadow might never tell him that much, but this one did.

At any rate, though, knowledge is power, and that left him smiling as always.

... Yeah. We're buds 'til the end, even if I'm not around. [ He chuckles a little, his expression brighter than the sun now. ] You're never really alone!
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[ Yeah, he was tired, too, after being knocked a huge ways away. His smile began to fade into something much more mellow, yet still quite content, all as his lids began to flutter closed. ]

Gonna just... stick around, 'cause I still care for you.


[ Sonic leaned his head against his shoulder, making himself perfectly comfortable on Shadow's weight. He's going to just go to sleep now himself... ]
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have the sweetest end tag ever

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Mm... yeah. Good.

[ The soft whisper was the last thing Sonic said in that moment before conking out, laying alongside Shadow and sleeping peacefully. This wasn't any ordinary, got-to-rest sort of sleep, though.

That is, if his nose-whistling and purring was any indication.