fasterthanyou: (this is mah thinkin face)
Sonic the Hedgehog ([personal profile] fasterthanyou) wrote in [community profile] specialzone2012-07-06 06:15 pm

let's see how this goes...

[For the residents of this special zone who have already been here a while, seeing another Sonic around shouldn't be all that surprising. But this Sonic disregarding the fact that the account has been collecting dust for months has just recently found himself in the place. And needless to say, he's lost.]

[Metaphorically and Literally.]

[After deciding he wasn't just gonna wait around in the central hub, he's now just running randomly through several of the warp rings, trying to find his way around the place, or rather, back to where he was before. Some places looked familiar, some didn't. It was all pretty weird.]

[Of course he's seen weirder situations in his life.]

[After a while he found himself back in the lobby. He took a quick survey of his surroundings and scratched his head.]

Sheesh, what is this place, some kinda crazy ring puzzle? Where am I, anyway?

[Help a hedgehog bro out?]

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