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Sonic the Hedgehog [SA2] ([personal profile] wontstopjust_go) wrote in [community profile] specialzone2012-06-23 08:47 pm
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[ It had been a little quiet, but Sonic knew that it wouldn't last. Especially not today. This day was pretty special for a few other people, but most importantly, for him.

Today was Sonic's Birthday, and he wasn't going to let anyone forget it.

It looked like the nexus hadn't quite forgotten either-- within the lobby, there were a few arrows pointing to a certain warp ring. Once anyone stepped inside, they'd be transported to Green Hill Zone...

And a party to top that! Food, music, decorations, a large banner saying "Happy Birthday"... It was everything Sonic had thought would be there.

Now for his friends to come and celebrate with him! ]

[ooc: This is more of a party post. Feel free to tag whoever you want. You don't have to just talk to Sonic! Just mingle and have fun. ]

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