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[ It had been a little quiet, but Sonic knew that it wouldn't last. Especially not today. This day was pretty special for a few other people, but most importantly, for him.

Today was Sonic's Birthday, and he wasn't going to let anyone forget it.

It looked like the nexus hadn't quite forgotten either-- within the lobby, there were a few arrows pointing to a certain warp ring. Once anyone stepped inside, they'd be transported to Green Hill Zone...

And a party to top that! Food, music, decorations, a large banner saying "Happy Birthday"... It was everything Sonic had thought would be there.

Now for his friends to come and celebrate with him! ]

[ooc: This is more of a party post. Feel free to tag whoever you want. You don't have to just talk to Sonic! Just mingle and have fun. ]
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[ It wasn't that he enjoyed birthdays, but the curiousity he felt from seeing those arrows was appparently too much to pass up. Upon entering and realizing what was going on, Shadow relocated himself to the shade beneath a tree, wanting to keep out of the crowd and mind his own business. ]
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[Yeah, this guy? Not wanting to bother with anyone, thank you.

This party seemed... certainly over the top. All of this for a birthday? He hardly saw the point in such a celebration over something so minor. As soon as he found himself there, he scowled, looking for somewhere a little less noisy to be.

That tree the above Shadow was in? He was in that tree now, too. Literally in it. He wasn't opting for the shade, but rather, the quiet comfort of resting upon a branch. The tree was admittedly more open than most, making him still very visible to anyone, but it was as close to being secluded as possible.

It was just the way he liked it. Well, almost. It would do.
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[Whose birthday was it? And why the heck did she end up in this warp ring?]