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[ /slowly slides into -- ]

[The last thing he could remember was falling, a violent descent. He expected to burn, his body searing in the planet's atmosphere, for even through his status as the Ultimate Lifeform, he was sure that the odds of survival were stacked against him.

He'd shut his eyes, waiting for pain and what could have easily been the end...

... but instead, he found himself landing far too gently on a smooth platform, something entirely nonsensical for the drop he'd made.

He slowly peered weary red eyes open, his once shining, nearly white (with a tinge of gold) fur now back to its blackened state. Upon getting to his knees and looking down on himself...

Apart from the wounds inflicted by the Biolizard and his journey's wear and tear, he was basically untouched. Most importantly so, he was alive and well, and everything seemed...


Wait, no.

Where even is he, anyway?

What is the meaning of this? [He harshly whispered to himself, obviously to nothing or no one in particular.

He wasn't out of the woods yet.

[[ ooc :// AHHH HI ♥ Kind of... been lurking this little place and thought you guys could use some more activity, so here, have a just-post-SA2!game-canon!Shadow just plopping right in here. uwu!! ]]
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[Oh, another one of you, huh? Sonic's been trying to figure out the logistics and logic behind this place without much success, but not on his part, on the part of this world itself.

He had been passing through, doing his part to maintain the gold standard for adventuring and exploring, and spotted the black hedgehog. He had to smile. Time for another rescue? You and your muttering doesn't go unnoticed, Ultimate Life Form.]

... I'd answer you, but you gotta be more specific 'bout what this means.
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Hi. <3 Very happy to see another SA2 Shadow too <3

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[Sonic was more than willing to let Shadow play his game of hiding his confusion, though Shadow's frustration leaked out so easily. It was so obvious, even if Shadow had intentionally or unintentionally let it loose. Luckily for Sonic, he had a natural immunity to the black hedgehog's irritation, rolling off of him like water droplets on a lotus leaf.]

Heh, I got here first, so who's the one trailin' who, huh?

[And while normally Sonic might say that Shadow should play nice and he might get some answers, the blue blur decided to give him a pass. Why not?]

As for this place, I'm tryin' to figure it out myself. Kinda looks like home, but don't let that fool you, heh.

And no, you're not dead.
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<3 SA2 Shadows are my favorite <3

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[So falling through space and burning up in the atmosphere didn't equate to death? Sonic already had enough trouble trying to deal with watching that happen, though he kept it very far and deep inside him, locking it up tight and only peeking inside whenever he had to.

But again, he could give Shadow a pass on that. Why was it that none of the black hedgehogs he ran into actually knew that he had a name? It was amusing all the same.]

Yeah? I've been here for a while. Just the way this world works, y'know. Don't ask me how we all got here, but heh, were you even gonna ask me in the first place?
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[Sonic chuckled, liking that familiar look on Shadow's face. Holier than thou? But no one's worshiping at your temple, black hedgehog. Keep dreaming. If Shadow got that implication from what Sonic said, Sonic was going to leave it at that for now. He could keep his theories to himself for the time being.

As for Shadow's actual question, Sonic could answer that without any problem. Shadow should know.]

'Bout a year. [A beat.] Surprised?
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[Sonic decided long ago that Shadow should be treated better than how he deserved. Do unto others, that hadn't exactly applied for Sonic when it came to Shadow. Sure the black hedgehog made an art out of being so condescending, but Sonic had known that there was more to Shadow than he ever let on.]

Heh, I get that you do that resorting to name calling thing when you don't know how else to express yourself, Shadow. I do have a name too, y'know.

What's the point in lying to you anyway? Not like I ever did it to you before either, so why start now?
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[Sonic had to laugh again. His track record? Not clean? Who was Shadow kidding? But it was true, they did hardly know each other, though Sonic did prefer to think of it as they've only started to know each other. On top of that, Sonic ended up learning more about himself when he found out more about Shadow.

Maybe that's why he found it easier to trust Shadow too. If not just because of his own nature or personality.]

I don't really expect much out of you, heh. Is that better?

You could have it your way, and I could leave you alone, heh. Not like that's outta my way either. Good luck gettin' outta here on your own.
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[Whenever it comes to the way Sonic's mind works, it is exactly the same way that Sonic acts around Shadow, intentionally or not. He liked having Shadow chase after him and his logic. Could Shadow keep up with the speed of thought? That should've posed enough of a challenge.]

You really have no clue as to how to get outta here, do you?

[Sonic stepped closer and leaned forward just to see Shadow. Just to annoy him again, though that wasn't all that hard either.]

Y'know, since I kinda know the last thing that happened to you before you got here, why don't you make the most of it?
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Hmph. It looks like this place isn't done toying with me yet.

[ Shadow frowned somewhat, arms folded as he approached his doppelganger, tilting his head somewhat. Questions filled his mind, more specifically of when this double was from. His past? His future? ]
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awww thank you!

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If this is a joke, then it's hardly funny.

[ The black hedgehog lifts his nose somewhat at his counterpart. This place enjoyed toying with him, and he was growing tired of it. The idea of there being more than one of him wasn't good in the sense that there could only be one Ultimate Life form.

Though, the fact there are more of him from the future meant that... Something went wrong during his own plan. That everything he was working towards had failed.

He was conflicted deep inside, but he wouldn't let that show for now. ]

This place, this Nexus enjoys toying with its inhabitants. You'll find that within this world, there are multiple areas brought through time and space, both familiar and not. And along with places, it brings people... Duplicates of the same person as many times as it sees fit. From the past, present and future... Even alternate realities.
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I like your Shadow so far.

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And what makes you so sure of that?

[ He wouldn't give himself an inch. Shadow already found himself conflicted by the idea that he teamed up with Sonic and saved the planet, considering his own desire to destroy it. He'd learned things, even met Maria...

Knowing his future was by no means useful to him. It was a large drawback. ]

Why am I your past? Where is your proof?
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: )

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[ Of course, Shadow knew that one way or another, he couldn't survive the impact to Earth. Either with the entire Space Colony smashing into it, or... But despite that, he grins. ]

Hmph; it's your logic that's flawed. Because in this place, I've met another of myself that is also from my future. One that survived the fall.

While it's true that I never fell from anywhere, it doesn't mean our fate is death.
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I don't know the details. Like I said, I never fell. All I know is that he managed to live.

[ And that he was allied with the blue hedgehog. Even if he didn't despise Sonic as much as he used to, it was still... a little bit of an injury to his pride that he had to work with him. ]
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[ Shadow turns his back on his doppelganger, walking to the nearby rings. ]

Through these rings are many areas for people to visit. I've been to a few of them, but hardly all.

It's your choice if you want to live now, or not.
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Hmph. Do what you want.

[ He doesn't waste any more time, instead leaping through a nearby ring. Being near his doubles made him a little uneasy... Specifically for the fact that knowing his future could be detrimental to himself. ]